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For Shivali’s acting resume or any acting opportunities please contact her agent/manager.

London: Langford Associates

New York: Metropolis Artists Agency

LA: Brave Artists Agency

borders in a bedroom.jpeg


"Borders In a Bedroom won three awards at the annual festival Tamasha, which celebrates South Asian performing arts: Bhammer, who played Maya, won Best Playwright."  - Huffington Post - Full Article

"Maya, played by Shivali Bhammer (who is the playwriter as well!) breathes a sensual and charming dimension to her character."  - - Full Article

"The writing is bright, perceptive and intelligently tackles issues about racial and religious disparities." - - Full Article

"If you are looking for a play that takes on some powerful relationship taboos, you should really see ‘Borders in a Bedroom’." - - Full Article

"The script is written with a razor-sharp wit and it’s inspirational to see topical themes represented by actors of colour, something that seems to be missing in theatre as a whole." - - Full Article


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