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Shivali is also setting the stage to be one of the youngest female Indian Motivational Speakers. Shivali delivered the keynote speech in New York for International Women's Day Conference and was a guest speaker for Women of India: Leading in a Time of Crisis, for the Women Ambassadors Forum where she spoke about 'Finding the Goddess Within".


She was the only Hindu speaker invited to the Spiritual Directors Conference in St Louis where she led a workshop on the nature of Karma Yoga. Shivali recently presented ‘Learning from the Himalayan Masters’ to her class and professors at Harvard Business School. She is frequently invited by schools and universities on general topics. 


She also led a talk on Mindfulness, Mantras and Meditation for the Alchemist Kitchen, New York and was a workshop leader for the Spiritual Directors Conference in St Louis. 


Shivali has also spoken for the Rotary Club in India, the Brahma Kumaris, and the Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society in NYC amongst others. She also is a contributor to BBC Radio programs.

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